Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Never-Ending List, Part 1

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What I Love About My Beloved Husband...My Never-Ending List, Part 1

1. His deep love for Jesus.

2. His willingness to learn and grow in every area of his life.

3. His humility. He never shows off.

4. His generosity to us.

5. He is so hardworking.

6. Yet, he knows how to have fun.

7. He is a real man. He's very masculine.

8. His strength in character.

9. His good self-esteem.

10. His gorgeous eyes that make me melt when he looks at me.

11. His amazing smile and pearly white teeth.

12. How he holds my hand when we walk.

13. How he kisses me & the kids every single time he leaves or enters the house.

14. How he teaches the Word of God with integrity and boldness,
unashamed, giving no excuses or apologies.

15. He is a wonderful leader who earns my respect.

16. His conviction about The Truth.

17. How he plays the guitar and sings praises.

18. How he trains our boys to become real responsible men.

19. How he's never too proud to say he's sorry.

20. How he hugs me in the kitchen while I'm cooking.

21. How he always fills the car with gas without my noticing
even though I'm the one who drives it 90% of the time.

22. He tells me he loves me several times during every single day.

23. He sends me beautiful text messages.

24. He forgives me.

25. He gives me a massage when I've had a long exhausting day.

26. He listens to everything I have in my heart to share.

27. He leads our home without hesitation or fear.

28. He is trustworthy.

29. He speaks well of me to others.

30. He prays words like "Dear Lord, please give my wife all the desires of her heart
and make her dreams come true."

31. He prays for me and the kids each morning before going to work.

32. He is an excellent example to follow.

33. He encourages me when I'm down.

34. He tells my kids to always treat me and other women with respect.

35. He loves me. I can feel it and see it daily.

36. He saved his first kiss for me, as I did for him.

37. He always speaks and dreams of our future together.

38. He bought me my first cell phone without me ever asking for one.

39. He pays for every bill on time and never makes me worry about our finances.

40. He leads us into worshipping in Spirit and in Truth.

41. He shares my love for worship music.

42. He loves different cultures and ethnic food.

43. He thinks I'm so great even though I'm so full of flaws.

44. He tells me to go shopping alone while he stays with the kids.

45. He always encourages me to buy something for myself.

46. He has watched most of the girlie movies I like with me just to make me happy.

47. He bought me all the Little House on the Prairie DVD's series without my asking.

48. He tells me how he would have been miserable
had he married any other woman in the world except me.

49. He lets me sing as much and as loud as I want every day.

50. He buys me popcorn at the movie theatre, the biggest size they sell.

51. He lets me lay my head on his chest every night.

52. He lets me sit on his lap.

53. He can carry me, and does so often when I least expect it.

54. He respects my mom. He even prays for her! (yes, he's that wonderful)

55. He makes the most delicious cup of coffee I've ever tasted.

56. He helps me clean the house.

57. He buys me kitchen utensils & appliances because he knows that's what I love most.

58. His height of 6 feet, makes me feel protected.

59. He's the handsomest man on earth. Seriously.

60. He's perfect for me in every way.

61. He follows after God instead of after money or fame.

62. He is a big food critic yet constantly compliments me on my cooking.

63.  He makes me a better person by reminding me to always think well of myself.

64. He buys an umbrella big enough for both to stand underneath together.


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 Why I Love My Husband

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Admonish the young women to love their husbands
Titus 2:4a

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  1. Beautiful list, my friend! God is so good and richly blesses :) Thank you for sharing.


  2. Woohoo - look at this list! That is so lovely and I can't imagine how it made your hubby feel to read it. Thank you so much for linking up so we could see this love.